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This module creates link to games, displaying them in superscripts with
colored abbreviations.


{{#invoke: Sup | UL }}
{{#invoke: Sup | RZS | RFVF}}
{{#invoke: Sup | HGSS | XY | ROZA }}

HINT: If you get an Errore Script, try to split an abbreviation into smaller
parts. For example:

{{#invoke: Sup | OACPtHGSS }} --> {{#invoke: Sup | OAC | Pt | HGSS }}

However, this doesn't work if the first abbreviation is not constant, for
example if it's a parameter in a template. In that case, you can use the
_abbr function to pass all the abbreviations as parameters:

{{#invoke: Sup | _abbr | {{{1}}} }}


local lib = require('Modulo:Wikilib/sigle')

-- Creates the links for a single abbreviation, as a single string
local makeLinks = function(data)
    return table.concat(lib.coloredAbbrLinks(data, lib.bolden))

-- Wraps a list of links content in sup tags
local makeSup = function(links)
    table.insert(links, 1, '<sup>')
    table.insert(links, '</sup>')
    return table.concat(links)

-- Dynamically generated Wikicode interface
local sup = lib.mapAbbrs(function(_, abbr)

        Wikicode arguments are first processed one-by-one by makeLinks,
        resulting in a table having a string for every argument, containing
        all the links. These strings are then concatenated and wrapped in sup
        tags by makeSup.
    return lib.onMergedAbbrs(abbr, makeLinks, makeSup)

-- Adding _abbr proxy function

return sup