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Benvenuto su Pokémon Central Wiki, Infernape4All.!

Creando il tuo account sei ora autorizzato a modificare pagine, partecipare alle discussioni ed espandere questa enciclopedia sui Pokémon. Tuttavia, prima di tuffarti nel mondo del Wiki, leggi con attenzione queste piccole ma importanti regole:

  • Sii gentile e beneducato: rispetta il codice di comportamento.
  • Fai buon uso di grammatica, wikicode e spelling e soprattutto leggi il manuale di stile.
  • Fai dei buoni edit. Ricontrolla sempre ciò che scrivi e premi sempre il pulsante Visualizza anteprima prima di salvare.
  • Non potrai creare la tua pagina utente prima di essere diventato un utente autoconvalidato. Avere la pagina utente è un privilegio.
  • Nelle discussioni firmati sempre utilizzando il bottone della firma in alto a destra oppure scrivendo --~~~~.
  • Le pagine di aiuto contengono le risposte alle domande più comuni; se dopo averle lette hai dei dubbi non esitare a contattare me o un amministratore.
Grazie per l'attenzione e buon editing sul Wiki!
StygianDiscussioni 15:44, 8 nov 2019 (CET)

Edit other's userpages

From Aiuto:Regole delle pagine utente:

Per buona creanza, non modificate le pagine personali altrui, se non per rimuovere del vandalismo

that in English is

Out of politeness, don't edit other's userpage unless you're removing vandalism

I understand you don't speak Italian and maybe you didn't read all the rules, so for this time is fine, but don't do that again --Ff300 (discussioni) 11:27, 16 nov 2019 (CET)

What edit do you mean? --Infernape4All.discussioni 13:06, 16 nov 2019 (CET)
This. Please don't create/edit other users' personal pages without permission, unless they contain vandalism. -- Lucas992  Hai bisogno?   O vuoi stalkerarmi?  14:00, 16 nov 2019 (CET)
Okay, but I wanted just to make sure that Kogoro has a userpage on the Pokémon Central Wiki. --Infernape4All.discussioni 14:25, 16 nov 2019 (CET)
Having an userpage is not mandatory: the choice is up to the user. If Kogoro (or any other user) doesn't mind having his personal userpage, don't create it. -- Lucas992  Hai bisogno?   O vuoi stalkerarmi?  16:45, 16 nov 2019 (CET)
I think we should change the rules to allow editing others' userpages to remove redlinks or fix broken templates. --Infernape4All.discussioni 19:45, 16 nov 2019 (CET)l
I think users should focus on mainspace, not userspace. If an user's page becomes problematic an admin will fix it, don't worry about that. -- Lucas992  Hai bisogno?   O vuoi stalkerarmi?  09:23, 17 nov 2019 (CET)
Okay, I will abide this rule on all wikis of EP, not only here. This is sure to avoid immediate blocks. A girl on Bulbapedia, namely Sundar, was creating some sockpuppet accounts, such as November Rose, Legacy of Latias and Tennessee Sei. That led to her IP address to be blocked for 6 months. --Infernape4All.discussioni 10:24, 30 nov 2019 (CET)
Thank you but we don't really need to be informed on things like this. Unless she does the same on PCW, we will not take actions against her, granted she even has an account here. Most users stay on only one wiki, considering they might not know all languages. --チャオバイダニ 10:47, 30 nov 2019 (CET)
Yes, but it's just an alert for me not to create any sockpuppet accounts and edit others' user pages, just to make sure my original account isn't blocked forever. Yesterday, Mecanno-man blocked me in PokéWiki for one month due to breaking the rule continuously after my two-week long block there. See my recent PokéWiki edits. --Infernape4All.discussioni 15:00, 2 dic 2019 (CET)

Attacking other users

Artwork0354 Corp.png
The following is a warning to try to stop your vandalistic behavior on Pokémon Central Wiki. Please, follow the rules or you will get banned from this site.

Please do not, ever, behave like you are a member of the staff admonishing others for things they have done. Especially if you are referring to a real member of the staff. Errors might happen and it's the first rule of a wiki's etiquette to assume their good faith. If you find errors on the wiki you are very welcome to fix them and/or notify us of them. But that's it. If there is any need to rebuke someone the staff will do it without needing users to meddle within things. Stygian prepared several dozens of Pokémon pages on launch day and that thing might have slipped out of her. Nobody would ever dream to accuse her of not being careful in her work like you did. I don't know how harsh you actually were in your intentions and if the comment was made harder by the translator, but it's unacceptable to have things like that going around. Please consider to be more friendly in your actions because if you are getting warned/banned on several wikis you are trying to contribute to, the problem might very well be you. --チャオバイダニ 12:22, 13 dic 2019 (CET)

Okay, I will be more careful in the future. But if someone does something wrong on an article, I will tell the person by asking it, e.g. Did you know that there are three-wheeled bikes? instead of Bikes don't always need to have two wheels!.
Also, when there is no dakuten diacritic (゛) in a Japanese letter, the consonant is never voiced. But when there is, then it's done as follows:
Adding dakuten to a kana character will change the consonant:
k g
s, ts z
sh, ch j
t d
h, f b
Also, Obstagoon was announced before the official release of Sword and Shield. --Infernape4All.discussioni 19:57, 13 dic 2019 (CET)
Also, you got a warning for your behavior. Stay quiet because you are not improving your situation. If you find an error you are sure of, just fix it, without showing off your superiority. I know perfectly well how dakuten work and I honestly don't need a Japanese grammar lesson by you. I'll tell you more, there's another admin who is studying it at one of the most reknown universities in Europe specialized in oriental languages, if I will ever be in doubt I'll ask her. Yes, there was a tremendous error in the Obstagoon article, a wrong letter in the Japanese name. We created some hundreds of articles on the games and updated almost a thousand others with a ton of new info. We didn't notice it. Now it got fixed. That's it. And now you must quit it because we are wasting definitely too much time on you. If you find errors, fix them and state it in the object of the edit, don't go tell people they did something wrong. That's our job. And please don't get yourself banned by insisting here. I hope I have been clear enough. --チャオバイダニ 22:49, 13 dic 2019 (CET)

Your behavior is being annoying

Scraggy arrabbiato.png
Questo è il tuo ultimo avviso. La prossima volta che vandalizzi Pokémon Central Wiki o non rispetti le regole, scatterà il blocco istantaneo.

Congratulations on your last warning. Some time ago I learned that you have been kicked out by a couple of Wikis and, honestly, I am now starting to understand why. You need to stop assuming that we, admins or not, don't know what we are doing and edit wars must be avoided at all times. Italian is our first language and we know that what we are writing is correct, so please instead of pretending to be someone you aren't, focus on doing minor edits that will not interfere with us carrying out the work. Also, regarding your rough and overbearing comment on your self-imposed rollback in the page Percorso 48 (Johto), I would like you to explain me why you think that your edit was the standard that us, the admins, have chosen to use. Not every Wiki is called Bulbapedia and we worked and are still working hard to set the most different standards for the most different situations. If you are told that "this is what we do", you must do so. Your edits will now be rollbacked and, considering your current position, I suggest you to think a hundred times before your next move.--Orion919303 (discussioni) 22:49, 8 gen 2020 (CET)

First, you don't need the "template" prefix before the name of a template if you transclude a page.
Second, the text in the template translates to "This is your last warning. The next time you vandalize Pokémon Central Wiki or don't respect the rules, the instant block will trigger".
Third, I see that you wanted Scraggy as this wiki's mascot by seeing the version history of the main page after I read something here. It's even in this template you put.
Fourth, if you use English to describe a current habit, use Present Simple.
Fifth, I understand everything you wrote here. --Infernape4All.discussioni 19:29, 9 gen 2020 (CET)
Could you also undo my edit on Ostello Pokémon? --Infernape4All.discussioni 20:45, 10 gen 2020 (CET)

COVID-19 disease

Artwork0257 Corp.png
1 settimana, la tua utenza è stata bloccata all'infinito dal modificare Pokémon Central Wiki. (Registro dei blocchi)
We strongly hope you simply didn't understand what you did, but it was wrong. Joking on a terrible disease that has already killed thousands of people here in Italy and is still killing several hundreds every day can't be tolerated. We are striving to help our Country in any way we can to overcome this difficult period, so it would be an insult to all the people suffering to overlook on what you did. Since we hope you didn't mean any harm, the ban will last one week. Please don't make us regret it. --チャオバイダニ 00:02, 26 mar 2020 (CET)

Giving welcome to other users

Hey, I noticed you placed some {{nuovoutente}} messages in a few user pages. I have to tell you that this is an admin-only thing to do (and I F we don't do it immediately, maybe it's because sometimes we do it in batches like in the weekend or after a couple of days). So please, stop placing it in new users' discussion pages (since I have also noticed you already got a few warnings for not following the rules). --SDoc94 (discussioni) 13:24, 19 mar 2022 (CET)

@SDoc94: I thought non-admins can place the {{nuovoutente}} template on this wiki, as I am permitted to do this in other wikis. Notably, I do it many times on Bulbapedia, and I get no criticism for that. (Except in one case, when one user wanted the welcome box to disappear from their talk page, but that's another story.) --KeyacomQualcosa da parlare? 14:20, 22 mar 2022 (CET)
Not every Wiki has the exact same rules. In PCW's case, the welcome message is something that is done only by admins. If you are permitted to do so in Bulba, is not an excuse to do the same here. And I think someone already told you here something similar (iirc it was about some double account on Bulba that you felt the need to speak about here).--SDoc94 (discussioni) 11:19, 23 mar 2022 (CET)