Elenco dei capitoli nel nono arco di Pokémon: La Grande Avventura

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Il nono arco: Arco HeartGold & SoulSilver

Titolo Titolo inglese (VIZ Media) Titolo inglese (Shogakukan Asia) Titolo giapponese Sottotitolo giapponese Volume
442 1 VS Oddish Out-Odding Oddish / Pokéathlon Challenge! The Pokéathlon Challenge VS ナゾノクサ 挑戦 ポケスロン! 19
443 2 VS Aipom Attaway, Aipom! / Arrival of the Elite Four! Enter the Elite Four VS エイパム 四天王登場!
444 3 VS Togepi One Tough Togepi / A Top-Secret Order! Top Secret Commission VS トゲピー 極秘指令!
445 4 VS Koffing Dealing With A Koffing Fit / The Sign of a Comeback! Revival Reacon VS ドガース 復活の狼煙!
446 5 VS Weavile Weavile Wobbles But It Won't Fall Down / Battle at the Safari Zone! Battle at the Safari Zone VS マニューラ サファリゾーンの戦い!
447 6 VS Feraligatr Fortunately for Feraligatr / Scramble for the Plates! Plate Scramble VS オーダイル プレート争奪戦!
448 7 VS Parasect Pleased as Punch With Parasect / The Famous Human Dowsing Machine Scramble for the Plates VS パラセクト 噂の千里眼!
449 8 VS Rhyperior Raising the Stakes with Rhyperior / Inheritor of the Land! Inheritor of the Earth VS ドサイドン 大地の継承!
450 9 VS Hitmonchan With a Little Help From Hitmonchan / Gathering of the Four Executives! The Four Executives Together VS エビワラー 集合4将軍!
451 10 VS Xatu It Takes Xatu to Tango / Route to the Ruins! Route to the Ruins VS ネイティオ 遺跡へのルート!
452 11 VS Arceus I All About Arceus I / Engravings of communication! Communication Sign VS アルセウスI 伝説のサイン!
453 12 VS Arceus II All About Arceus II / Speaking of the Origin! Narrated Origins VS アルセウスII 語られる起源!
454 13 VS Arceus III All About Arceus III / Entering the Mysterious Area! Charging into Strange Territories VS アルセウスIII 突入 謎の領域!
455 14 VS Arceus IV All About Arceus IV / Legendary Type Shift! The Legendary Type Shift VS アルセウスIV 幻のタイプシフト!
456 15 VS Arceus V All About Arceus V / Mystri Stage of Despair! Mystri Stage of Despair VS アルセウスV 絶望の三つ舞台!
457 16 VS Arceus VI All About Arceus VI / Return from the Crack of Time! Return from the Crack in Time VS アルセウスVI 「はざま」からの帰還!
458 17 VS Arceus VII All About Arceus VII / A Ray of Hope! Ray of Hope VS アルセウスVII いちるの望み!
459 18 VS Arceus VIII All About Arceus VIII / Final Evolution of Hope! Final Evolution of Hope VS アルセウスVIII 希望の最終進化!
460 19 VS Arceus IX All About Arceus IX / A Special Tomorrow! A Special Tomorrow VS アルセウスIX 特別な明日!