Gastly (GCC)

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Gastly ha debuttato nel Set Base del Gioco di Carte Collezionabili Pokémon, solitamente è un Pokémon Base di tipo Psiche.

Lista di carte di Gastly

Carta Esp. italiana Esp. giapponese
Gastly Set Base Expansion Pack
Base Set 2  
Gastly Fossil Mystery of the Fossils
Legendary Collection  
Gastly   Extended Sheet 3
Gastly Neo Destiny Darkness, and to Light...
Gastly Sample Set  
Expedition Base Expansion Pack
Gastly Skyridge Mysterious Mountains
Gastly EX RossoFuoco e VerdeFoglia Flight of Legends
Gastly EX La Leggenda di Mew Mirage Forest
Gastly Diamante & Perla Space-Time Creation
Gastly Fronte di Tempesta Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky
Gastly Arceus Advent of Arceus
Gastly Arceus Arceus LV.X Deck: Lightning & Psychic
Gastly Battaglie Trionfali Lost Link
Gastly Turboblitz Blue Shock
XY Black Star Promos Carte promozionali XY-P
Generazioni BREAK Starter Pack
Gastly Evoluzioni Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary
Sabrina's Gastly
Carta Espansione
Sabrina's Gastly Gym Heroes Yamabuki City Gym
Sabrina's Gastly Gym Challenge Yamabuki City Gym
Sabrina's Gastly Gym Challenge Challenge from the Darkness